The British Workingmen’s Club

THE BRITISH WORKINGMEN’S CLUB aka The Castle Entertainment Centre is one of the best live music venues in Adelaide. It seats (300) in air conditioned comfort, has a very affordable BISTRO, has CAR PARKING for (150) vehicles and a fully stocked bar. We have bands EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT from 8pm till midnight and doors open at 6pm. We have bands on most Saturday nights also from 8pm till midnight. We have Karaoke on every Sunday from 4pm till 8pm. We try to have DISCO INFERNO 70’s , 80’s and 90’s music one SATURDAY NIGHT a month. We can have music events running in (2) or even (3) rooms if we want.
The venue has (3) entertainment rooms catering for (80), (120) and (300). The British has one of the biggest dance floors in Adelaide which is perfect for dancing. and it also has a professional large stage complete with DRUM RISER, BAND ROOM at side of stage and easy load in..
The venue is always interested in discussing DOOR DEALS with bands you take the door and the venue the Bar and Food

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