no more


Imagine sitting in a 1950s cocktail bar sipping on a martini with live lounge music coming from a small stage. Beyond the haze of cigarette smoke, band members are dressed in full period attire. That’s what I picture when I listen to Felatio Hornblower’s debut single ”No More”, taken from their upcoming album Bonhomie.  It’s a relaxed style of music that you listen to when enjoying a casual drink.This single has an adept balance of guitar, drums and sax that compliment each other well in the track. The different instruments are expertly mixed, and the layered textures really give this track depth. The lead vocals are perfect for this style of music, and sound very professional. There is also a lot of emotion in the track, and overall it has an almost dark mysterious feel to it.

Felatio Hornblower is a strange name for an artist, but the music is not strange at all. It’s an interesting listen and a great effort for a single debut.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 9 April 2015