We love a good reprise! And a good dose of Neil Young.

Luckily, the team behind ‘Helpless – The Songs of Neil Young’ returns after a successful 2015 season with a show filled with even more classic songs.

The good folks behind ‘Elastico’, a full-service music, arts and cultural promotions agency based here in Adelaide, are the brains behind the show, and the voice to some extent!

Singer/songwriter Tom West, part of the Elastico team, takes the lead in the production, showcasing why he’s an enduring and respected artist on the scene.

The show earned 4 1/2 star reviews, and we’re betting the punters at The Gov are going to just love it.  Sharing the stage are Todd Sibbin, Ryan Martin John, Thoma Henbest & Caleb Williamson.

You’ll find a few video snippets to help get your Neil on via their Facebook page.

‘Helpless – The Songs of Neil Young’
The Gov
Wed 9 March @ 7:30pm

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