below average


The Funkoars have returned with an anthem for the disappointing, complete with sharp lyrical delivery and a sing-along chorus that proudly declares, “I am a f*ck-up, I am a letdown, I’m below average.”This is a direct track comprised of a four-beat loop, a descending melody, a straight beat, some rhymes, and an irresistible chorus that will creep up on the mind long after the song has ended.

The first verse belongs to Sesta, who explains how he can’t spell without spellcheck, misses calls and doesn’t call back, and then acts out an encounter with the police.

Next up is Trials, whose rap belies a bit more desperation with lines like, “I’m hopeless, both hands deep in explosives,” and, “Don’t think I’ve got a lot to lose friend, if you’re off your head, then I’m off the roof man.”

On the last verse, Hons cleverly word-associates his hope of being a stand-up guy with stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope before rhyming tales of drunkenness and pronouncing us dumber for listening, but I’m not convinced that’s true at all.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 11 June 2015