Submit to: for Fresh Air or The Jump consideration.

FIRST: Make sure the song is fully mastered and ready for radio. That means the audio itself and includes the quality of the file you send through. The MP3 you should always send through should be 320kbs or a 44100, 16-bit WAV file. Submitting a CD is fine, but it’s certainly not the best way to deliver a song. It’s way easier to click/share a link and stream/download than passing a CD around.

NOTE: Most “radio edits” need to be between 3 and 4 minutes in length, and given that they could be played when kids are in a car, you’ll need to make sure they’re clean from a language point of view. It might seem like an annoying thing to do, but the last thing you want is someone at the station cutting up your song or blurring elements you’ve worked hard on. If you’re supplying radio edits, it means you control the version that goes to air.

NEXT: When your radio edit is complete, with mastering and full audio quality, you’re now at the final step, which is submitting the song for airplay. Most stations will have a music director who can be contacted directly, or its also common place to have an email which might look generic, but actually lands in multiple inbox’s on station – for Fresh 92.7, email: and you can be sure someone is going to listen to your song.

Social media as a platform is awesome to get your profile up, but don’t private message or post a link on a station’s or someone’s personal Facebook page. Ignore that process and you run the risk of being written off quickly.

FINALLY: When the station has heard the song, and if it’s selected for airplay in Fresh Air/Jump/Daytime rotation – you’ll typically receive a reply to notify you. Being able to show more than just a single song is always a benefit, so if you’ve developed extra tid-bits surrounding your song (alternative edits, mashups, guest mixes which have the track in them) then it’s worth getting the station across it.

Submit a Midday Mini Mix – first step in getting your mixing on air with potential to do the come up. Requirements for a Mini Mix are a bit different and are outlined here >

More info here> 

AND for live performance opportunities, contact for more information.