An independent national Music Industry Review looking into sexual harm, harassment and systemic discrimination is currently underway. Announced at the end of 2021, the review aims to get a broader picture of Australia’s music industry, as well as provide sustainable recommendations on how to create a safer environment going forward.

We need to ensure that as an industry we protect our members – especially marginalised communities. This review aims to gather the stories of our community safely and confidentially. All reported incidents will be completely anonymous; this is not an investigation of individual incidents, but a broader cultural review drawn from patterns within experiences Australia wide.

“Your voice, which may have been silenced in the past, will be elevated,” reads an update.

“Your voice will help shape the findings and recommendations of the review and importantly, influence reform across the music industry. You can have your say safely, confidentially and anonymously.”

The review is lead by an independent team of researchers, including consultants Alexandra (Alex) Shehadie and Sam Turner, who are undertaking the comprehensive six-month consultation process. The review’s team are calling on participation of professionals from across the music industry, from song writers and composers to artists and performers, crew, agents, members of the live touring companies and record labels, promoters, employees of record companies, managers, publishers, venue managers and staff and company execs.

It’s an inclusive approach, inviting not only all those in the Australian music industry who have experienced sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination, but also those who may have been bystanders to share their stories.

Given the sensitive and personal subject matter multiple options are given for participants, including:

    • written submissions
    • online surveys
    • one on one interviews
    • focus groups interviews

There are also options for identified focus groups to create safe spaces for all maginalised communities (e.g. women only, First Nations people, trans and gender diverse folks, culturally and linguistically diverse groups).

The review will be published in June 2022, and will include a summary of issues surrounding sexual harassment, harm and discrimination as well as sustainable recommendations to make our industry safer.

Please head to the official website to learn more about how you can share your story.