?: Isolaid Music Festival

Whenever Australia faces a crisis, musicians have got our back – performing benefit concerts, raising money and lifting our spirits.

Now, we need to have their back. While they are unable to earn income from live performance, here’s what you can do ?

? Pay To Stream Music Online
? Buy A Band T-Shirt
? Buy Music (Bandcamp supporting musos today!)
? Become A Patron And Make A Monthly Pledge
? Ask Radio Stations To Play Australian Music
? Subscribe To Live Streams of Concerts
? Spend Your Refunded Concert Ticket On Future Concerts or #keepyourticket
? Donate To Crowd Funding Campaigns By Musicians
? Checkout Triple J Unearthed’s #COVERED19
? Donate To Support Act or Crew Care
? Sign A Petition Or Write To Politicians Asking For Government Relief For Musicians
? Send Musicians A Message And Tell Them How Much You Love Their Music
? Buy Vinyl Releases And Physical CDs
? Share Your Favourite Music On Social Media
? Try Virtual Music Lessons: Skype or FaceTime Your Music Teacher
? Watch Their Music Videos On YouTube And Subscribe To Their Channels