self titled

iiah have been kicking around the traps of Adelaide for a couple of years now and this is the first time I have come across them. I hit play on their self-titled EP, not sure what to expect. This genre of music – post progressive ambient rock – can take you anywhere, but I have found it’s always experimental and full of audio soundscapes that take you on a sonic adventure. This description fits iiah perfectly.

iiah’s music is full bodied, and consumes you in sound. The intro track sent a shiver down my spine. It was mysterious to a point that I wanted to hear where this sound was going to take me….It launched straight into the first full length track, ‘Gunnhild’ which has a fantastic guitar opening that just makes you reach for the volume button to turn it up louder!

‘Letter’ is one of my favorite tracks on the release because it has a rich sound of melodic synth, and a really nice blend of guitar. The vocals pull it all together nicely. I enjoyed the harmonies as well.

Another favorite (and the track that grabbed me the most) was ‘When I fear you, all else is where it should be’. WOW!!! The emotion in this track is incredibly powerful. I know that this track was inspired by something meaningful….Guys, Get in touch. I want to know more about this track!! Adelaide, check this band out. They are amazing!