Interview with Cal Williams Jr

5 Ways To Get Free Hummus According To Cal Williams Jr

Original article by Scenstr.

Cal Williams Jr is an award-winning blues musician, internationally published author of music tuition books and co-founder of Australia’s first ever animal charity music festival, Dogapalooza.

A self-confessed hummus addict, Cal has devised a method to source his favourite chickpea-based dip without either paying for it (too expensive!) or making it (too hard!).

Here are Cal’s top 5 ways to get free hummus.

1: Steal

Your average hummus pack will fit inside a standard CD carry case. Be aware that this method may raise suspicion because no one uses CDs anymore.

2: Gatecrash

March confidently through a stranger’s party and head straight for the dips table while keeping a sharp eye out for all available exits.

3: Beg

Throw yourself on the mercy of supermarket shoppers in the cold aisle by lying face down on the floor clutching a can of chickpeas and a potato masher.

4: Crowdfund

Get other people to buy your hummus. Be aware that you may need to offer nefarious personal deeds as an incentive.

5: Pray

Choose a deity that is willing to give up their valuable time and magical powers sourcing you a popular chickpea dip. Maybe Buddha. Or Bacchus.

Cal Williams Jr performs two shows at Adelaide Fringe: ‘Ukulele Blues Explosion’ and ‘A History of Early Blues’ at The Wheatsheaf Hotel 16-17, 24 February.

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