journey to myself


I’m not sure if this is the first recording for Adelaide singer songwriter Kylie Brice, or just the first that has come my way.  Regardless, what we have is a folk pop, or perhaps acoustic pop, song which has several positive characteristics.  Not least being its combination of lyrical intelligence with a tune memorable enough that the listener may find it rolling around their mind unexpectedly after only a couple of listens.

The theme of the song is self discovery, which is not necessarily a unique topic but is still approached earnestly.  Some clever rhymes help to maintain interest, and Brice’s voice is clear and melodic, with good control and maybe a hint of country-style inflections at times.

Though she sometimes also works solo or with a full band, this trio format works well to provide an uncluttered sound; it has the feel of being recorded all together live, whether that’s the case or not.  The song has enough hooks to be considered commercial, yet still substantial.  A recurring phrase is “I don’t know who I am”.   The answer in part is that Kylie Brice is a very good performer and the journey to herself has a fine soundtrack.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 28 May 2015