get that


So do you like the Prodigy? Yes? Well what if I told you that we have our very own equivalent right here in Adelaide? It’s true. Say hello to Leser 1! This guy pushes the industrial / big beat sound to whole new horizons, and uses samples, and his synth skills to a high and accurate level. His use of sound is mind blowing, and the combinations he has come up with on this EP are phenomenal.

Pinning down just one track from this EP and calling it my “favourite” was very difficult because all four tracks are equally as good. If I must be choosy, I nominate the opening track “Get That”, as it instantly sums up what Leser  1is all about. It starts by leading you into a false sense of security – and then bam! – the energy, the grit, the attitude…. it all instantly hits you like a freight train. I love it. The EP instantly lets you know “Hey, this is Leser!” It’s like the perfect introduction to an amazing local artist.

Track 4 on the EP, “The Choice” has an oriental sound to it, but then Leser adds his own spice of big beat to the mix and the result works extremely well. Definitely check that one out.

My comments do not do this EP justice. You must hear it, so make sure you “GET THAT” EP! (Pun well and truly intended). I look forward to hearing more from Leser 1.


 Also printed in Bside Magazine 5 February 2015