The Ponytail Kink demo pops up from number 2 last week to grand number 1 in the Three D Radio Top 20 + 1. Sitting nicely within a 90’s revival of grungey crunchy guitars and lamenting harmonies, these guys sound like a power-pop-angst-ridden-ear-tingling-win! Ponytail Kink play on March 18 with Three D Radio alumni Babes Are Wolves at the Crown and Sceptre.

The EP ‘Far Too Expensive’ see the German/Adelaide duo Whiskey and Rhymes at number 10. The quirky folk pop two piece exude happiness and gypsy-jazz like it’s their first nature. The end result is infectious, to say the least.

Awesome band name of the week goes to VHS Dream, with their release AEIOU. what would a VHS Dream entail? Would it be better or worse on Beta or BluRay? Anyway, their electronic dream pop is worth a listen. Check them out HERE.

Ponytail Kink:
ponytail kink