Hosting live music is set to be easier for venues in South Australia following an industry-led red tape reduction review announced Wednesday by the State Government.

Premier Jay Weatherill said that as a UNESCO recognised City of Music, regulations should support and not hinder the work of our State’s musicians, venue operators, and other people working in the live music industry.

“From both a creative and an economic standpoint, live music is an important piece of South Australia, contributing more than $260 million to our economy and supporting more than 4000 jobs.

“The live music scene gives people a great reason to visit our state, and contributes to a thriving, vibrant CBD – key elements of this Government’s Economic Priorities.

“Importantly, we want to make it easier for venues to host live music and eliminate unnecessary red tape.”

The review will be led by an industry roundtable which includes the hospitality sector, the music industry, the Adelaide City Council and other key stakeholders who will identify the optimal level of regulation for the sector.

The changes would continue from recent improvements to regulation, allowing venues to host live music between 11 am and midnight without the so-called entertainment consent provisions, which also eliminates a $500 application fee required under this process

“Within three months, we’re hoping to reach agreement on what best practice regulation would look like,” Mr Weatherill said.

“By engaging with regulators and the industry, we can work to reach a consensus and help deliver common sense policies in place that support our live music scene well into the future.”

Music SA has also developed a new Best Practice Guide for live music venues, a practical guide for venues who either already host or plan to host live music.

Music SA General Manager, Lisa Bishop, says “I’m delighted to see unprecedented support for the live music industry from all levels of government. The willingness to deliver improvements in regulation will build on the long and rich tradition of live music in our music city.”

“Music SA is keen to work on this project and see live music continue to deliver economic and cultural benefits to musicians, audiences, venue owners and a vast array of industry practitioners behind the nearly 1000 gigs played monthly in Adelaide.”