parachute dreams

Local rockers Reign have something a little special about them. The five piece have recently released a fantastic new single “Parachute Dreams” alongside a music video, filmed on site at Thebarton Theatre.

Reign describe themselves – as plain and simple as it sounds – as rock. Upon listening to “Parachute Dreams”, however, it’s easy to feel that they’re so much more than that. The dynamic, genre-crossing sounds that occur throughout the near four minute track illustrate that there’s serious talent involved.

Unique post-rock choruses are intertwined with quieter, more poppy elements that add huge amounts of intrigue that, even after several listens, dissipates slowly. This distinctive instrumentation underlies solid lyrics that revolve around the idea of solitude.

Overall, Reign have demonstrated that they have a solid ability to compose songs that are able to grab an audience’s attention. Expect to hear more about these guys in the near future.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 26 March 2015