in love / in madness


Adelaide’s answer to punishing but heartfelt rock and roll is undoubtedly Squeaker. The four piece band have been churning out guitar riffs and admirable vocals around Australia for the last seven years, and – as it seems – within every passing year, they’ve become more creative, tight, and generally brilliant.In Love/In Madness is their latest release, boasting twelve huge tracks that encompass themes such as motivation, power, and a whole lot of heartbreak. In fact, there’s seldom a song which doesn’t have lyrics along the lines of “there once was a time what you thought meant a lot to me” (Let You Go) or “do I have to be the strong one for you and strong for me?” (Storm Inside). Essentially, they’re lyrics that you sort of have to ‘buy into’ in order to really feel them – else, they’re just there, laying atop the respective instrumentation.

If there’s one thing Squeaker have proved, however, it’s that their long-lasting stand as an act have trained them as powerhouses of innovation. Each song has a hook that just makes it so thoroughly enjoyable. Even better is that they’re subtle and integrated enough for them to go unnoticed, meaning that you’re not quite sure why you can’t get the songs out of your head for the 48 hours after you listen to the release.

If you’re thinking of picking up this release, or just going to see them at a gig around the place, expect to hear a sort of Three Days Grace sort of deviance alongside a tiny bit of Weezer, all blended together with fantastic instrumentation and vocal abilities. It’s safe to say that In Love/In Madness is a release that Squeaker, as a band, and Adelaide, as a city that exports incredible music and artists, should be proud of.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 30 April 2015