self titled


If you’re a lover of Folk/Jazz music, then you’ve just got to check out these guys.

Strange New Folk are a 4-piece outfit consisting of keys, guitar, bass, and drums, and the first thing I noticed while listening to this EP was the way these guys gel together as musicians.

They create a tight sound, and are clearly all on the same wavelength. The second thing of note was the drumming style. It’s a bit different from your typical “folk” rhythm… It’s a very upbeat with lots of forward momentum that keeps the songs flowing nicely. Combine this drum sound and technique with the awesome keys, guitar and the nice, even bass, and you have a winning formula.

On the production front, the mix had good body to it, but I would of pushed those unique drums up in the mix a bit more. They’re a bit distant in the mix, whereas I feel it’s important to hear them more clearly to give a bit of punch overall. However, for a first EP, this is definitely well above par. I look forward to hearing what Strange New Folk have in store for us in 2015. 4 stars.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 12 February 2015