Adelaide three-piece THANES are mostly concerned with kosmische soundscapes put to motorik- machine rhythms using a combination of bass VI riffs that’d give Peter Hook night-sweats, drifting female vocals that range from the ethereal to the guttural, and a bank – nay – a wall of synthesisers, vocoders and esoteric tech miscellanea.

Their debut single ‘Strange Harmony’ couldn’t sum up this attitude more perfectly. Whilst the stomping vocoder hook of “interior, exterior” weaves its way into your brain like the earworm from Wrath of Khan, Italo-disco drums smash, New Order basslines assault the mid-range and Elysian vocals drift above and across.

Hard-edged synthwave from beyond? With STRANGE HARMONY it’s an interstellar pinball competition inside a decommissioned space station.

THANES formed in 2015. They’ve played a tonne of gigs, released a bunch of demos and they’re heading east to play some shows in support of their up-coming EP in early 2017.

The music video was filmed by Flinders University film-making graduate Sam Twidale with CGI by THANES’ own Mike Gordon, who’s a visual effects artist when he’s not making music. THANES are also looking to score a short film – so if you like what you hear, hit them up at