Psychedelic Reggae Ska Doom Metal Punk Rock From Hell in the form of The Bennies hits Adelaide on the 19th of November. Joining them across this great land is Wet Pensioner and Adelaide’s finest honest punk duo The Hard Aches.

These guys like to party f@#kin’ hard and tour f@#kin’ hard! Their following grows and grows along with it. This year alone The Bennies have hit up this brown land more than once this year and popped over to America including a stop at Florida fest, which could not have been a finer place for their unique style to play. Have a listen to their latest single ‘Party Machine’ HERE. The Bennies would have to be the only band to pull off a TISM cover with perfect style and grace that is deserving of the Ozzie greats. CHECK THEM OUT!

Check out the tour dates below, catch The Bennies at Adelaide Uni Bar 0n the 19th with local legends Hightime, The Hard Aches and Wet Pensioner

the bennies tour. PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!