better than nothing


There must be something in the water down the South coast that produces so many rock/punk bands, with 4 piece Thursdays Friend being no exception. This hard rocking outfit comprising Dylan Jones on vocals & rhythm guitar, Luke Nanasi lead guitar & backing vocals, Jack Ryder on bass and Michael Williams smacking the skins, have released their new 6 track EP ‘Better Than Nothing’.

Recorded at AGS studios in 2014, the mix is solid and bright, though the instrumentation is a little thin (in particular, the snare), and for me personally it needed a little more bottom end in the EQ to give it more punch. But again, that is my personal taste.

Musically, this EP is no frills, and not burdened with unnecessary effects. It’s straight up 4/4 garage rock with punk overtones that is honest and raw and overall is generally quite effective, though there are a few little loose performance moments in some parts. But I guess the rock/punk genre isn’t meant to be precise and clinical, as long as there is attitude and energy – which these guys definitely have.

Overall, there is a consistency in the arrangements and structure of the 6 tracks, by way of repeating riffs, power chords galore and screeching vocals. Track 4 “She Had A Name” stood out for me, as it has A little more ‘flow’ to it.

Being my first listen to “Thursdays Friend”, it is pretty obvious these guys enjoy playing music together and I would anticipate they have a fairly energetic live show.


Also printed in Bside Magazine 26 February 2015