Thirty thousand copies of the Umbrella Winter City Sounds Program hit the streets today, along with the online guide.

There will be music on trams, karaoke with a live band, a small hip-hop festival and a metal tribute show at Glenside Hospital’s Z Ward… but that’s just the beginning! Umbrella includes more than 200 live performances in over 60 venues across Adelaide, bringing it alive over the Winter period.

We have street festival events showcasing acts such as The Warm Up with Golden Era Records (the Hilltop Hoods’ label) hosted by beatboxer Tom Thum and featuring a line up of DJs at the Ed Castle Hotel; Tram Sessions, including five performances from artists such as Ollie English and Jesse Davidson; performances at Adelaide Zoo; electronic music in the East End laneway in Cinema Place and so much more!

Head to the online program guide here to see all events and start planning your Umbrella Winter City Sounds experience!