Adelaide is full of unique music, and quartet Urtekk are living proof of this. They’ve been kicking around our city for a while, playing big shows such as WOMADelaide, PilotFest and Blenheim music festival, as well as just generally turning heads with their inimitable style of dancefloor-oriented live-electro jams.

The guys have released DM-3, a three track EP that does a really good job at capturing just how good these guys are live. The actual style of music is really reminiscent of a fast-paced videogame soundtrack. Seriously, to listen to ‘Freedom’ and try not to think you’re back playing Goldeneye 007.

Urtekk are an instrumental band, and there’s more than enough going on to satiate any listener’s mind without vocals. It’s really easy to see that each member is phenomenal at their respective instruments. The bass is diverse and addictive, the drums are tight, and the samples are so great that you’d be left for hours scratching your head trying to find out how they could produce such sounds.

It’s obvious that this release is near to be on par with experimental heavyweights such as Holy F**k, which is a huge achievement for a band yet to seriously break out into the national circuit. The only things that loses marks for this release is that it’s three independent pieces. If the band had integrated the tracks enough to make the release output a more continuous flow, it would leave a significant impression on all listeners.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 25 June 2015