Remember Winter Jams?

Our program with the Adelaide City Council in the July school holidays was a complete success, and we were enthralled by the artistic results achieved in only 3 days.

That’s 3 days to write, record AND film a brand new, original song. Ambitious by many standards, but these young artists (aged between 13-17 years old) nailed it.

You can now enjoy 2 new video clips from the participants, both filmed on location at The Jade Monkey and St Paul’s Creative Centre.

“I” is the catchy-as indie track from young lads The Artisan Rabbits.

“Half A Heart” is an emotive collaborative effort by some youths who didn’t all know each other at the start, but are surely now good friends!

Special thanks to the project mentors, Ricky Kradolfer from City Riots, music producer Dale Taylor and the boys from Capital Waste Pictures. A top effort all around!