The Three D Radio Top 20 + 1 has a new number one this week, and it’s a brand spanking new release! Hunky Punks with their new album ‘Fly High’. After success in the Top 101 its great to see Janet and the gang with this smashing album. The Hunky’s play This Friday at the Metro with footy legends The Toss and new kids on the block The Bechdel Test.

The legendary Angelik are making a comeback with their new double single ‘Returns’. They do indeed return to the stage after a 5 or do year hiatus, this Saturday at Enigma Bar with Contapunctus and Subtract-S. Apparently a bunch of new songs are waiting to be heard, so strap ya shoes on and get out and see Angelik RETURN!

Paper Arms are in the Top 20 + 1 with their offering ‘Great Mistakes’ as they see themselves out the door on a farewell tour. Having toured through Europe and America and offered up many a punk rock opus. It will be sad to see them go.

Hunky Punks:
hunky punks