Global professional services firm, EY, are collaborating with South Australia’s music industry cluster, Musitec, to provide Adelaide’s creative industries the opportunity to access free business consulting services.

These sessions will be held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Musitec office in St Paul’s Creative Centre.

The collaboration between EY and Musitec aims to help foster innovation and growth in the Australian creative industries. At the sessions a team member from EY will be available to answer any questions concerning:

  • General business advice
  • Company structure to maximise tax benefits
  • What government funding can I access?
  • Tax benefits of doing research developmentThese sessions are available to anyone in the Adelaide creative industries community including musicians, freelance creatives, and local businesses. 

    Musitec Director David Grice said, “I believe this collaboration with EY will help not only musicians but other Adelaide creative entities to maximise their financial benefits and learn how to run their ventures sustainably”.

    “There are numerous tax benefits and government funding resources available to our industry that people just don’t know about, these could really help provide a business with much needed financial support”.

    Sessions can be booked by completing the sign up form here.

Musitec is South Australia’s music industry cluster providing local and global opportunities for music, technology, and creative industry enterprises. Musitec facilitates a symbiotic relationship between ability rich industry individuals.

Most recently Musitec has formed a partnership with the world’s most prestigious music college in the United States, Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE).

“Since developing Made in Katana in 2000 I have received Austrade’s Export Marketing Development Grant and R&D Tax Concession. The process to apply was extensive, and I found myself missing opportunities for two reasons; I didn’t know they existed; or they were too time consuming to pursue. If I’d had this opportunity at my disposal, I would have saved invaluable time and effort achieving the same result. It’s an excellent opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs, and one that I’d highly recommend taking advantage of.” 
– Adam Callen, Made in Katana’s Founder and Creative Director