Straight to the top of the Three D Radio Top 20 + 1 this week is the fresh-off-the-press ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’ by Horror My Friend. The slacker rock three piece have finally released this gem on Poison City Records this week to much accolades. The boys are off around the country at launch this baby from January to December, so make sure you catch them somewhere!

The smooth folky blues of The Skeleton Club debut at number 5, with ‘Rattle and Smoke’. Check out that fine acoustic feel plus lovely harmonies some time. The Skeleton Club are set to play some Fringe shows so check out our #frusic (Fringe Music) guide for more info!

Title/band name of the week goes to Kill Phrollins with the release ‘Kransky Dog’. Because well, who doesn’t love a Kransky Dog every now and then! It’s um German heritage yeah? Just like Shutzenfest yeah? Yeah!

Horror My Friend:

Horror My Friend 2015-sm