the ghost music


If you’re not yet familiar with A-Duff  (the moniker for local beats producer Aaron Duff), it might not be a bad idea to become acquainted with his take on electronica.

The artist has recently released “The Ghost Music”, an expansive, synth-laden track that provides a perfect amount of energy for anything from cleaning the house to getting ready for a big night out.

There’s a whole lot to focus on in this release, each with their own merits. Duff’s hypnotic composition of percussion instruments is a perfect example of this, seamlessly creating foundation for a multitude of synth pads, leads, and interesting bass elements to the mix.

While you can’t really ask for a whole lot of outside the box creation in relation to the genre that Duff is trying to channel, “The Ghost Music” still shows promise for future releases. It would have been nice to have a little more of a ‘wow’ factor, potentially through more vast experimentation or varied composition throughout.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 2 April 2015