self titled


Across the Atlas is a new 4-piece punk band who brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to this 3-track Digital EP.Comprising young guns Penny on vocals, Ben on guitar, Will on bass, and Johnny on drums, they thrash out some catchy tunes about ‘TV Killing the Radio Star’, being ‘Jaded’, and please ‘Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Referee’.

A bonus video of ‘Jaded’ can be found on YouTube, complete with sing along lyrics for those who feel the need.

With Penny pushing to make her name as one of the top female rock vocalists in this town (and she is doing a great job of it) this band has a bright future in front of them.

They have done well to push out this EP so soon after forming, and that’s surely a sign that there is plenty more to come from these young punks.

Across The Atlas is a tight band. They are up-tempo, in your face, and demand attention.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 14 May 2015