The songs, the stories, the places, the people… the Adelaide Songs Concert explores them all!

This new event celebrates our city’s history and identity with a concert / cabaret featuring 20 brand new songs inspired by the City of Adelaide, with poems, stories, narration and visual projections.

It all takes place in the very special surrounds of Ayers House, and is a fitting part of History Week.

There is a swag of songwriters involved, including Keith Preston, Alan Hartley, Paul Roberts, Paula Standing, Jo Ankor, Steve Foster, Dave Greenslade, Adrienne Lovelock, Elizabeth Reid, Matt Swayne and more. Each has their own take on what ‘Adelaide’ means, and there will be musical support from Brillig, St Cuthberts Choir and more guest artists.

ABC Radio’s Carole Whitelock will narrate the matinee and evening shows, presented by HATs Inc (Heritage Arts & Traditions Inc).

Tickets are on sale now for Saturday 23 May (2:30pm or 7:30pm).