hiding to nothing

Adelaide rockers Bad//Dreems have released single “Hiding To Nothing”, taken from their upcoming album Dogs At Bay. You could compare this single to fishing, in that you’re the fish, and you’re definitely going to get hooked and reeled in.

Once again, the Adelaide boys deliver the sonic goods with their unique sound and fantastic production value. I love the fact that this track is relatable in so many ways. It’s a song that gives the listener a personal feel, as though the track was written just for them. It’s an all round feel good track that sounds sensational.

Bad//Dreems have this natural talent of blending their instruments and production style together to match the individual track. They know the perfect balance of what is required, and this is one of those defining factors which makes not just a good track, but a great one.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 23 July 2015