please never


Adelaide 4 piece alt rock/indie band Black Coral are Heath Newberry (drums), Khajiho Tokunaga (bass), Ian Messenger (guitar and vocals), Alice Reid (synth), drawing collective influence from bands such as Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Dinosaur Jr. and The Smiths, to name a few.

Their 2014 single ‘Please Never’ has a distinct sound to it, whereby the above influences would have played a role. For me, there is also a similarity to the work of iconic Aussie rock band The Church.

The track is not in any hurry, and remains consistent in its arrangement and structure throughout the song. It starts with a simple drum beat, is then layered by a repeating bass line of 3 notes, followed by a simple guitar riff and gentle synth chords. Vocals don’t kick in til about 1:20 into the song, where they showcase the poetic ability of Newberry.

Overall it presents as very listenable (incidentally making it no 42 in Three D radio top 101 of 2014), and fans of the aforementioned influences will definitely get something from taking a listen to this track.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 12  March 2015