Boston April was set up by Kelly Breuer and Alicia Hettner, who sing very well together. The harmonies are awesome and are complemented by acoustic guitar.

‘Time’ is stripped back and easy to listen to. I have seen a lot of artists in my time who have got caught in the trap of using too many instruments or sounds to the point their final audio mix becomes too busy and the human element is removed by too much computer processing. This is not the case with Boston April. The track is incredibly simple when it comes to construction, and you can tell through the rawness of the track and the production value that this was recorded using a basic set up. In this case, that’s not a bad thing as the production gives the track the character that it needs.

The thing that really makes this single work for me is the amazing vocals. They fit perfectly with each other. Definitely worth a listen if you need that relaxing sound on your Sunday evening while your sipping on your favourite wine.

Also printed in Bside Magazine 18 June 2015