Ben Ford-Davies

Newcomer, Ben Ford-Davies is a happy man. In 8 months he’s risen from obscurity, recorded his cracking debut CD, Papillon, found himself booked across Europe for a 2-month CD release tour in early 2016, worked with Jeff Lang and Diesel, part of this year’s Semaphore Music Fest,
is in demand interstate and looks to get a day off sometime late 2016. Things couldn’t be busier for the singer songwriter.
Ben is a unique force of nature. Combine his vocal prowess, sunny personality, charisma and self-effacing humour and you get an artist who
connects with audiences from 500 to 5000 and delivers a unique show in one seamless package. Naturally. Equally at home on guitar, piano or witty monologues, it is the arresting soul and passion in his flawless vocals that win over even the most cynical and jaded music critic. Talent? Loads of it – going global!

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