Hailing from the South Coast of Adelaide, Choosing Sides are one of the most energetic and contagiously fun young acts to recently emerge on the Australian indie-rock scene.

Having spent some of their childhood in the UK and France, brothers Will and Frankie cannot help but add a sprinkle of Brit-Pop-esque charm and alt-rock grit into their Aus indie inspired sound. This distinguished medley of styles allows Choosing Sides songs to truly stick out on your playlists. The trio now boast 300,000 streams and counting on their debut single ‘Titus Oates’, international airplay and a loyal live following.

With a love for catchy riffs and choruses that help you lose your voice, the group loves to captivate and engage a room. By crafting tracks that weave intoxicating, powerful rhythms into slick guitar lines, Choosing Sides shows end up being a workout for gig goers. On the back of sold out shows, including a Lion Arts Factory headliner where tickets were exhausted in less than a week, the three mates are launching the end of 2020 with their bold new single ‘Cardboard Seats’ and a promise of more new music to come. 

Listen to our new single here: https://open.spotify.com/track/7ygJmMUUU9V7mdLnGXoDwL

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