Cookie Baker

Raised on a farm by the seaside in rural South Australia, Cookie Baker’s trademark sparkling vocals and the poetic grit of her cool wordsmithery paint a portrait of this pint-sized melodic force to be reckoned with.
From sharing stages with the likes of beloved Australian artists Augie March, Kate Miller-Heidke, Ben Lee and The Audreys, to recording her 2017 single, ‘The Summer’, featuring Tim Rogers of You Am I, to touring with Mick Thomas (Weddings, Parties, Anything), Cookie’s 2019 LP, ‘This Is Not A Love Song’, is the perfect introduction to her wide range of influences and the whip-smart character of her writing. As it swings the pendulum dramatically from tongue-in-cheek and unapologetic nursery-rhymes-for-adults country, to sweeping indie pop heartbreakers, to introspective and sparsely decorated contemporary folk… in a world of cheap thrills and quick pleasures, Cookie’s singularity is tantalisingly refreshing.

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