Harley J

Harley J, an artist/producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Adelaide, Australia. Harley’s sound mixes in elements of modern indie alternative acts like Coldplay, U2 and takes a lot of inspiration from American award winning artist and composer, Jordan Critz.
Appreciating the art of creating spaces & textures, they will take you away to another place.

Harley’s notable debut project ‘Beginnings’ is a glimpse into his world with calming textures, chaotic layering and anthem style arrangements. Harley focuses on writing music that captures authenticity and emotion behind every element within a project.

“I have no doubt worked very hard on creating something that means something to me.. That’s why it’s taken as long as it has to release any music” Harley’s authentic nature can be observed through everything he does, and raw passion for the love and expression of music always captivates audiences!

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