Since forming back in 2015, South Australian based four-piece Heinous Crimes have belted out a hypnotic brand of psych rock that feels simultaneously unnerving and euphoric. With soaring vocal melodies and crunching instrumentation, the band have carved out a sound that is uniquely their own, blending psychedelic, desert, alternative, and experimental rock elements that smack you right across the head.

Their live show is a brooding smoke-filled experience that clouds your mind and sends shivers down your spine for the entire duration. The music meanders from states of dreaminess into massive riffs which are as arid and foreboding as the dark landscape featured on some of the band’s artwork. There’s an intense heat that permeates from the songs, and you can practically feel yourself begin to perspire a few minutes in. Their recent releases feature rising tides of keyboards, guitars and hypnotic drumming that will please fans of Jane’s Addiction, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ataxia, King Buffalo, and Yawning Man.

The band are currently in the studio polishing material for their debut album offering ‘Popular Music for Popular People” due for release in 2020.


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