WE are a rollercoaster ride above a nightmare, a bungee jump into a super massive black hole, white water rafting in the Great Pacific garbage patch, snowboarding on shafts of glass, a fall down a rabbit hole with a lover, a skydive out of a crashing plane, a multicoloured hot air balloon over a war zone. Genre: A bit of this, a bit of that stuck together with super glue. MST is a hot pot of the Adelaide indie, shoegaze, rock and arts scene. Core members are Tina Barry, vocals and lyrics, Jason Oats (Colourwheel) on guitar and bass and Dillon Johnson (Defamed) on drums and guitar. Rotation members have included Matt Harris (The American Public, Wail!) on keyboards and effects, Johnny Siegel (Johnny Seagull and the Hot Chips) on guitar and Vikram Kumar (Wail!) on guitar and bass.
Adelaide, Australia

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