May Rocket – Acoustic Duo, Trio Band & DJ

May Rocket is an acoustic duo. Covers, Mashups, Blends and Medleys of all the hottest hits and the daggiest classics, for most shows. Weddings, Parties, anything! Every now and then however, when the stars align and the moon is right, we throw an originals show….

Spine tingling vocal harmonies, face melting guitar solos, live looping, light percussion, some tap dancing and and sheer wizadry all combine to make this duo sound like a full band – You wont believe there’s only two members!
But, we do work with other instrumentalists to put on Trio, Quart and larger performances, as well as DJ the night away after the live sessions have given all they can!

You should come to a gig to see for yourself, we bring circus midgets and pyrotechnics, its your shout!
*circus midgets and pyrotechnics may not be at the show, nor have ever been at any show*

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