Nocturnal Animals

Emerging Adelaide Alternative three-piece, Nocturnal Animals, are unique in nature with
their sights firmly set on growing “till we’re on top of the world.” With two singles
already under their belts, their third, titled “LHW” is released on August 29.
The track is short and sweet but it packs a punch. The song is about forces of attraction
between you and someone you meet, the instant and magnetic interaction you have that
subsequently falls apart.
“I think most people at one point have felt a fire of attraction towards someone and had it
backfire on them, so I think listeners will resonate with this song through their own
Nocturnal Animals – featuring Stuart Watkins, Brandon Johnson and Dylan Martin – aren’t
your average alternative trio. No one member specifically leads a charge to a certain role in
the band. “We mix it up when we play so that the dynamics of the group change from song
to song. It keeps us different; it keeps us interesting.”

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