Ras Minano {Hope of Africa}

Coming from Accra, Ghana, West Africa and Founder of his Afro-Roots-Reggae band The Hope of Africa, Ras Minano is recognized internationally as a renowned Afro-Reggae / World Music Artist. A gifted musician, drummer, percussionist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer, he inspires audiences with song lyrics that are roots, rich and earthy and music with jazzy infectious beats and uplifting rhythms that captivate audiences every time. From performing solo to ensembles and with very gifted musicians, When Afro-Reggae beats and World Music come together You will love Ras style for blending traditional African drums with hot, jazzy, funky sounds.
Ras Minano gives a high energy and captivating performance every time with Drumming Healing / Afro-Reggae / World Music, Art/Music is my Life. Available for all events and open to invitation or bookings.
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