Richard Palmer

Richard is a singer songwriter who has been performing in many venues around SA, NSW and VIC since he was a teenager in the 1980’s.
Richard covers a range of styles some have described as popular, blues, rock with a lot of passion and colour.
Richard’s music has a positive message of hope behind it.

I am an original singer songwriter with over 30 years experience. With a repertoire of over 40 songs I can perform up to 3 sets over 3 hours, of original songs as well as familiar songs from performers such as Van Morrison, Paul Kelly, Goanna, Bob Dylan, U2, Missy Higgins and Crowded House. Depending on forthcoming finance my percussionist will join me. I encourage you to contact me to discuss further.

Biographical information

Since 1986 Richard (Rick, Ricky) has been playing as a solo artist, duo member, original and cover band member, music director, and children’s entertainer Ricky from Ricky and Pete. Richard has been playing live and recording regularly, bringing out a number of original music albums. Richard covers a range of acoustic styles with blues, rock, jazz, Australian folk and Celtic influences. Richard’s music has a positive message of hope behind it, expressed with intimate passion and colour.

Andrew Cooper from The Rising Sun Hotel in Auburn and Scorcherfest said this about Richard…. “good energy, engaging performance”.



Started his first band called No Applause (however we did get some applause)

1986 – 1992

Was offered to play in Melbourne, so began the journey of original band Who’s Watt, went onto playing residency at the Flagstaff Hotel in Adelaide CBD, as well as many other venues such as Lerox, Clubfoote and the Tivoli. Recorded throughout this time.

1990 – 1995

Ricky and Pete. Recorded 2 albums including a radio theatre style album.

1993 – 1994

Rip the Bag. Continued to write own music.


Steppin Out. Writing own music

1995 – Ongoing

Lecturer of Music & Movement classes at a variety of training providers such as TafeSA


Leigh Cunningham Band. Youth Spectacular. Writing own music


Eagle Rise band & Youth Band. Writing own music


Playgroup, my kids. Writing own music


 My kids, home community. Writing & recording own music at home studio


The Plums. Writing & recording own music at home studio


Richard Palmer with Jeff Cheshire. Writing & recording own music at home studio


Richard Palmer. Ricky & Pete reunion. Writing & recording own music at home studio


Music specialist within the following rto’s

TafeSA, Cmc, Practical Outcomes, Palmers Education 


Music Training innovation at Palmers Education 

 “Up Close & Personal” sessions, where musicians share their stories through Q&A 


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