Slowmango blend influences from around the world into a sweet and savoury buffet of international groove – with far reaching influences ranging from Ethio Jazz to Peruvian Psych, Arabic Funk to West-African Disco, and a desire to start a band which blurs the borders between music and visual art.

Over the past year the five-piece have found a sweet-spot between their global inspirations, developing a sound which invokes moments of compulsive danceability and upbeat celebration, without forgetting Sunday mornings and afternoon drives. Think a hard-hitting Khruangbin sitting on a bed of Fela Kuti rhythms and a sprinkling of jazz- tied together in songs reminiscent of the classic 60’s British prog bands, with lyrics sung in multiple languages.

Slowmango recorded their debut EP with Surahn Sidhu, of Empire of the Sun and The Swiss renown, at the analogue recording studio on his farm in Willunga in December 2019, to a
backdrop of local wines and herbs. The EP provides an insight into the breadth of their sound, from the ‘intergalactic Turkish wedding song’ of title track ‘Thairade’ – bursting with exotically-infused guitar, driving rhythm and forgotten synths – to the meditative final track ‘Hold Tomorrow’, which evokes the familiar feelings of being told a bedtime story or having just finished a yoga class. The EP’s middle child, ‘Global Citizen’, sits comfortably between the two, taking you on a journey of reclined surf guitar, warm vibraphone, and groove-laden rhythms.

Artist Details

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