Sturt Avenue

Sturt Avenue is the project of SCALA award winning singer/songwriter Bryn Soden. Hailing from the Adelaide hills, Bryn has been writing and recording for several years now, and is finally letting some of the songs he has crafted in this time out into the light of day. Drawing inspiration from folk artists such as Conor Oberst, Elliott Smith, and the Mountain Goats, Bryn crafts melancholic indie folk tunes that aim to shine a soft light on the quiet sorrows and stubborn defiances that keep the embers burning in the dead heart of the world. Joining him in this endeavour is his dad John Soden on backing vocals, slide, and lead guitars, his sister Tarn Soden on backing vocals and additional instruments, and his good friends and long time collaborators Bryce Lehmann on drums and Isaac Kerr on bass.

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