The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy

The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy emerged full-fledged from the minds of Jem Phillips and Trisha Drioli, like a morning-after vision complete with backstory, bizarre theology, and new-old songs. From the ashes of a sold-out season in the 2015 Adelaide Fringe emerged a five-piece Rowdies ensemble, bringing succour and honkytonk redemption to tired sinners, reviving flagging spirits, and spreading a swingin’ gospel of community, localism and drinkin’ dancin’ good-times.
The Rowdies have established themselves as favourites at grassroots music festivals and the local pub scene. Their first CD was launched late 2016 to a sold-out crowd of appreciative sinners. Needless to say, all were redeemed and much spirit was consumed…
The Reverend and Mrs Rowdy – spreading important political messages of our time and place, stories of post-industrial life, and a honkytonk flavoured Americana gospel according to Hank, Patsy and the Sex Pistols.
Guitars, standup bass, vocal harmonies, attitude.

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