The Saxoffender

I adjourned my 20 year law career in search of a more positive future as an artist/musician. I gave up everything I have. It has taken me 3 years, but I have the key to making anincome from doing art, playing my saxophone, and using the combination to help not me, but other people. It’s The Art Of Rock’N’Roll. But I don’t have a producer, my agent went to tourism, and I spent the last of my inheritance following the Rolling Stones’ No Filter Tour of Europe. Ronnie Wood is my inspiration, being a ‘trans genre’ like me. I can do what Anh Do does, but I’m not as funny or endearing. Anh Do can’t play sax though. My plan is to have an exhibition that operates like a ‘support act’ for the Rolling Stones’ retrospective ‘Exhibitionism’, which opens in Sydney in November 2018. It will comprise my rock’n’roll paintings, but also video of Anh Do like interviews with rock stars who come to Adelaide. The basic model is conversation/painting/reveal. In my show, it ends with a JAM. Proceeds: charity.

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