The Tangerines are an Adelaide based Australian band.  Original members vocalist Rowena Garcia and keyboardist Shane Abbott were joined in 2013 by double bassist Paulius Rupinskas.  As a trio they refined a minimalist sound that balances soft melodic intimacy with Rowena Garcia’s soulfully impassioned vocal that evokes raw emotion and spine tingling warmth.  In 2015 lead guitarist Darren Za Za joined to complete the line-up and brings an enchanting backdrop of harmonious soundscape.

The Tangerines enjoy the exploration of alternate timings and melodic discordance.  Their delicate sound is known to peak to emotionally intense moments that pushes the boundary of comfortable.

Influenced by the unpredictability of jazz and the richness of soul, The Tangerines can be gleeful one moment and dark and edgy the next.

Their self-titled debut EP is being released in November 2017 that includes the tracks ‘All Over Me’, ‘Awakes The Mind’, ‘Melt’, and their first single ‘Marionette’.

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