“Soundgarden’s “Jesus Christ Pose”, variations on a theme: as reinterpreted by 3 strobe-exploding testicles, circa 1991” – one reviewer’s description of Alt Grunge band, TORK.
This Adelaide 3-piece are creating an intriguing 90’s inspired noise. When lead singer / songwriter Josh Morphett first picked up a guitar and brother Michael Morphett first laid eyes on the opposite sex, the beginnings of TORK were in play. Add a healthy spice of bass sludge master, Sam Rogerson, to the mix and you’ve got yourself a captivating collection of musical talent.
Being a band for 4 years isn’t without it’s hurdles though. Shortly after TORK was formed, an interstate relocation was required from lead singer Josh, which hindered progress. Fast forward 4 years and the trio are back in Adelaide, living within meters of each other, all with a renewed enthusiasm towards music.
In March, they released their debut EP entitled ‘Everything’, produced at the critically acclaimed Hot House Studios in Melbourne, by up and coming producer/engineer Julian Schweitzer (Greenthief, Deathbeat).
“TORK’s debut EP ‘Everything’ explodes like a good firework; with oomph, heaps of noise, and an attitude that’s probably illegal in a few states” – Happy Mag.
Drawing on themes of consumerism and skewed social standards, the lyrics deliver a more personalised honest message, a mature step up from previous works. To boot, edgy production and instrumentation welds it all together.
What is TORK though? Think Nirvana meets Alice In Chains during an industrial factory convention held on a stretch of desert coast line. Smashing Pumpkins are guest speakers, your creepy drunk uncle ran photography – black and white, of course – and Miss Playboy Mansion is forging swords from melted graphene centre stage.
With the existence of TORK comes the live attraction. These boys not only boast creative song writing, but know how to take it to the stage. Its a stampede of strobe, a monsoon of sweat, and an eruption. From deep. Inside. Your loins.