Trent Worley is a songwriter born & bred in Adelaide, South Australia, performing songs about local & global issues. Dedicated to equality, seeing old systems breaking down questions tradition Vs. progress.

Trent’s songs vary from acoustic ballads to fuzz rock n roll sitting on a nice plate of Aussie pub rock! Served with wit, a dash of humour & lots of whine!

Previous releases can be sought through while more recent albums can be purchased via iTunes.

Trent started playing live gigs in 2006 with Isle Of Vision. Released EPs “13021” (2007), “Time Is Now” a split 7″ vinyl (2010) & “Knock knock, who’s there?” (2011).
Truce & the Colonel released 2 EPs “Oh Well” (2010) & “Going On” (2011).
Solo releases have included “Everything Looks Better In A Circle” (2009), “Seriously, joking” (2013), “I Am Not An Igloo” (2014), “Truce” (2015) & “Warts ‘N All” (2015).

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