Tutti Choir

Open to disabled and non-disabled singers of any age, Tutti Choir is renowned for its uplifting performances.

Founded by Tutti Artistic Director Pat Rix in 1997, Tutti Choir is currently led by resident conductor Laura Ellis and assisted by Brenton Shaw.

The Tutti Choir regularly performs in Adelaide, around South Australia and interstate. Some members have also performed in Vancouver and Minneapolis, and mentored other inclusive choirs. In recent years Tutti Choir has performed some very challenging repertoire at a high level.

Repertoire includes original choral music created with Pat Rix, traditional and contemporary classical music, gospel, jazz, rock and pop.

Available for conference openings, official functions, large-scale concerts, and festivals, Tutti Choir is renowned for its professionalism and commitment, and its ability to leave audiences stimulated, uplifted and spiritually re-invigorated.

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