There is a myriad of fiery and beautifully complex energies roiling within the soul of urban pop singer Zjál. There’s the desire to be sensual and purposeful. There are the competing pulls of Zjál’s traditional Lebanese culture and her cavalier femininity. And there’s the restless determination inherent in her birth sign, Capricorn. Traveling often between Los Angeles and London, Zjál is a spiritual warrior who achieves a poetic Zen within her hip-hop tinged R&B. With her debut EP, she’s sure to inspire and seduce.

A singer who grew up on a secluded farm in Adelaide, Australia with a traditional Lebanese family that held a progressive outlook. As a child, she veered between being introspective and reflective, and bubbly and extroverted. These strong shifts in dynamics would come to define her as she embraced the duality within.

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